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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the latest. reporter: there's been a dark cloud over mother's day celebrations here in valley springs. leila fowler's mother learned she lost her only daughter and investigators now tell her it was her son who killed her. >> still having a hard time grasping. i can't accept it. >> priscilla rodriguez is having trouble processing what what happened to her children. she is mother to leila and her 12-year-old brother who is accused of killing his sister. the boy originally told investigators tall man ran out of the house before he discovered his sister's bauer. >> my -- always protective of his sister. i just don't know. >> leila fowler was found stabbed multiple times. a small memorial sits across the road. sandra huckabee says the community has been rocked by the
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murder and says her heart and br'ers go out to the family. >> i can't even imagine what his mom is going through, or his stepmom. terrible tragedy. reporter: the calaveras unified school district issued this statement. i. our thoughts and hearts are with all impacted directly and indirectly by the unspeak my tragic turn of events. jim red ford says they have been stalled by recent revelations. >> when the news came yesterday we started getting phone calls from people demanding money back. >> the cal says unified school district says it's going to supply whatever is necessary to help its students, parents,the community in general to get over the tragedy. we're live. abc7 news. >> ama: lie -- leila was killed april 27th in her bedroom. her 12-year-old brother said he saw man in their home. a witness also said she saw a
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man leaving her home but recanted heir -- her statements. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage. tonight at 11:00 we'll hear more about the community's reaction to the arrest. >> new at 6:00, a meeting is set with the four teams in the america's cup. the teams will decide what step, if any, to take in the wake of the catamaran accident in the bay on thursday that called artimus sailor andrew bart simpson. there's growing speculates what caused the boat to fail. we're live in alameda. reporter: all is quiet here at artimus racing headquarters. but there is a lot of talk going on right now in the sailing community. everyone wondering what causeled the catamaran to capsize. speculation is growing a flaw in the carbon body hoff the sailboat may have been the root of the problem. a father of a team member says
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his son heard a loud crocking noise and then the boat went on its side. a panel of experts will investigate the accident. until then, experts are weighing in. the president of the multity hull association says the cracking and folding next and one of the connecting beams may have snapped. >> at what point was the loud cracking sound and was it related or not to the failure of the structure. >> we need to understand how did the cap sies happen there are many theories. some different theories conflict with each other. so we need to find the facts, and i think that's really what we're focused on right now. >> ama: andrew bart simpson was 36 years old, husband, father, and a two-time loyal wreck medalist. his funeral will be next week in england, his home country. hill hill -- lillian kim.
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>> ama: for the first time all three women who were trapped for years inside a cleveland house a have issued statements. this is cell phone video of part of the response by police last week when the girls were rescued. the woman who took the avoidow thought she was being pulled over because of the flashing lights. today the briewfersz ariel castro spoke it fearing they'll be guilty by association. >> it's going to haunt me down because people want to think, paid -- pedro got something to do with this, and pedro don't got nothing to do with this. if i knew, would have reported it. brother 0 no brother. >> applan da berry and gina dejesus are happy to be home but michelle nothing says -- michelle knight says she will reach out to her family in good time. >> man is suspected of a trim murder in northern california. shane miller is suspect of
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killing his wife and two daughters. this is the home where deputies say the murders happened. there's been no sign of miller since wednesday night when his abandoned pickup truck was found in humboldt county. >> police in berkeley are investigating the murder of man on grizly beak boulevard. authorities were called to the boulevard this morning. they found a man outside of a car who was pronounced dead. police are in the early stages of the investigation. mother's day is painful for the women who have had to bury their child and who have no one to talk to about their loss. that was the purpose behind a rally today at san francisco city hall. organized by the group, healing for our families and our nation. mothers displayed pictures of their sons and daughters who were killed. the moms said they need groups like this for support, and to bring attention to their cry for justice. >> not just about my child anymore. it's about all of our children.
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nobody is going to listen to one mother but if we all come together in unit, they'll listen to us. >> the mothers say most of the killings have not been solved, which doesn't allow them to have any closure. >> bay area sports teams continue to amaze. tonight the warriors tied up their series in dramatic fashion. [cheering] >> ama: the underdog warriors rallied to tie the game regulation. and dominated overtime to boat the san antonio spurs. warrior fans are confident. >> we nursing school they would -- we knew they would pull it out and didn't know how. >> happy mother's day! >> my mom had never been to a warriors game before so i thought what better ware to start off a mother's day, experience playoff basketball and it was a perfect day. >> love that. game five is tuesday in texas. larry beil with be long later
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with hilights. >> fans are sending us fan photos. we want to see your pride in both bay area teams. ee-mail your warrior and sharks fan photos. >> still to come at 6:00, the new scam targeting bay area utility users. what you need to look out for. new concerns about the safety of the bay bridge. why even more steel could be at risk. >> a meal after days of no food. why these people were on a hunger strike. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser, warmed up nicely today but get ready for a cool down this work week.
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>> ama: more problems with the new bay bridge. the base of the eastern span is anchored by more than 400 rods that could crack. the rods're galvanized through a process that caltrans now admits puts them as risk. the problem is the rods are so deeply imbedded inside concrete it would be difficult if not impossible to replace them. parts of highway 1 in presidio will be closed overnight next week. starting midnight tuesday morning. the closure will shut done northbound highway 1 from lake
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street to the highway 101 junction. it will be closed mondays through tuesday throughs saturdays. >> san francisco police are warning the public about people posing at utility employees who call you demanding money. the suspects want payment for overdue bills and say the only payment accepted is through money pack. atiter department ask for payment this way. >> just ahead, testing america's carbon footprint and the surprising new test results that our scientists are concerned about the future. >> meteorologist leigh glaser has the work week forecast. >> larry: in sports. warriors guard steph curry took a pain-killing injection in the ankle. and left the spurs in pain. warriors in overtime.
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>> ama: some of the type cyclists in the world have converged own california. the amgen tour starting today. the race winds through eight stages in eight days.
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tomorrow they'll be in palm springs, friday, the bay area. the first bay area stage is san jose, and then on saturday, livermore to mt. diablo, and sunday runs from san francisco to santa rosa. >> demon traitors on the peninsula ended an 11-day forecast in protest of deportations. participants commemorated the owned their fast in foster city this morning. the fast include day labores are and faith leaders. they're taking part in a national rolling fast to put pressure on congress to make immigration reform. >> hope any congress can act and do what is right for the country and also for these people. >> ama: the rolling fast means that this group's fast has ended and another group in florida will fast for 11 days. >> in an effort to verify whether local climate goaling being kept. scientists are tracking large cities. instruments are placed on high
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mountains. the highest levels of co2 recorded were reached last friday in hawai'i. the large volume of co2 pumped into the atmosphere is contributing to climbed change. >> time to get over to leigh glaser and find out how the weather is looking. >> leigh: pretty good this afternoon. temperatures in the 70s and mid-to-upper 80s in the midland -- inland communities. live doppler 7hd showing you low clouds andclouds and banking upr the coast. a love of -- a lot of this will start to make its way into through the golden gate, through the san francisco bay overnight. nice shot from the rooftop cam looking down the embarcadero. how washing in your neighborhood? santa rosa, high today, 83. 75, oakland. redwood city, 81. livermore, 88. san jose, 78. right now, obviously with the
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sea breeze moving in, temperatures starting to cool down. san francisco, 58. we are 71 in mountain view. half moon bay. 55. and from the mt. tamalpais camera, temperatures check out like this. 76 in napa. fairfield, 81. 82, livermore. los gatos, 77. here's a look at the forecast ghlights. we'll contth the low clouds and fog moving inland overnight so a gray start for monday morning. it will be breezy tomorrow, much kyler inland -- much cooler inland and then lows tonight with the low clouds and fog, maybe even a touch of drizzle near the coast. 49 for half moon bay. 55, san francisco, napa, 54, and interior east bay, livermore, tomorrow morning, getting down to 55 degrees. this is going to be the setup for much of our work week, high pressure, but a delightful weekend. it's going to start to weaken
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and push down towards the south and that will allow this weak cold front, the tail of this to swing by the bay area. we'll see a few high clouds, and help increase our sea breeze, that will bring in a cooler air mass so temperatures come down all locations tomorrow. low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle near the coast, and much breezier tomorrow with the northwesterly winds with gusts up to 20 miles-per-hour. so temperatures come down. going to be very mild in many locations but not as warm as today. 74 expected high tomorrow in san jose, 72, cupertino. at the coast, mid-to up er 50s. breezy conditions, some drizzle. half moon bay, 68. san francisco tomorrow, gray to start. then bring in a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon. ed? e sunset district may see a little mist and krisle -- mist and drizzle tomorrow morning. napa, 77. afternoon sunshine for oakland tomorrow. 70 degrees.
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74, castro valley. east bay, mid-to low 80s. pleasantton, 82. the outlook, sevenday outlook, breezy and cooler monday. and then we'll start to drop the temperatures thursday and friday, with 70s inland, 60s at the bay. 50s at the coast, and start to see some warming next weekend, saturday and sunday. follow our d. -- our live doppler 7hd and "spare the air" alerts, power outages and tweets from thunder favorite weather team. >> ama: a good resource. thank you, leigh. >> ama: shu is at oracle so larry beil is here with sports. warriors pulled it off. >> larry: quite a dramatic game. you heard the expression, face only a mother could love. some of us have heard it more than others. on mother's day, this is a shooting only a mother could
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love. spurs and warriors both under 40%. warriors win in overtime. steph curry clearly not at 100%. had an injection into that tender left ankle before the game. a big game for ginobili. 14 points in the first half. raining threes. 21 in the game for manu. warriors, 40% from the floor early on. harrison barnes not going to miss that. golden state down at the first half. curry, heating up in the second half. lefty off glass. are you kidding me? warriors third quarter. back up 57-56. the spurs respond. alone at the cup. spurs ahead by six. harrison barnes, with authority! three-point play. we take another look at the rookie growing up right before our eyes. clay thompsoned silenced much of the game but ties it. and then warriors, barnes again, the crossover, with the drive.
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the dagger. he had 22. bad ankle and all. warriors win 97-87, and tie the series at two. with game five coming up in san antonio on tuesday night. let's go live now to a quiet oracle arena where mike shumann is standing by. shu, the warriors found a way to pull this out. >> mike: i'm just now coming down from probably one of the most exciting postseason victories in warrior history, come from behind and in overtime. the epit my of what the team is about. everybody government involved. big ben, three fouls. clay thompson, steph curry couldn't hit the broadside of a barn in the first half, and then harrison barnes, coach jackson didn't talk about individuals. he talk about team. >> i've been talking about this group all year long. and i'm just so glad that national tv audience had an
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opportunity to see exactly what has been taking place in this area. a bunch of warriors. no pun intended. >> i think the biggest thing with the team is never going to give up, just continue to fight, continue to fight. know where the shots are falling, shots. this team never gave up. >> mike: the warriors are now nationwide, of course, game five in san antonio on tuesday. we're down to a two out of three series, and as i mentioned earlier, if you win game five, pretty good chance you're going to twin the series, and that would be great to do it back here at oracle on thursday. reporting live at a quiet oracle arena. i'm mike shumann, back to you. >> larry: game five will be pivotal tuesday night in san antonio. on to baseball now. the giants wrappedded up thunder home stan. tim lincecum on the mound and pablo sandoval going splash on a sun-splashed mother's day at at&t park. a lot of moms in the ballpark wearing pink. the panda, launching off of
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chris medlin to the cove. giants on top 20, time, seven scoreless, two hits, walked three, struck out seven for his third victory of the season. giants take three out of four from the braves and go 7-3 on the home stand. 5-1 the final. a's catcher john jaso, sporting the pink cleats. like that on mom's day. mariners jump on milone. morales with the three-run homer. five runs in five innings. jason bay in the seventh. downtown. bay's fourth of the season. mariners win 6-1. the a's slumping, dropping six of their last seven. >> to golf, final round of the players championship. tiger tied for the lead heading into the final round. almost up and down out of the bunch publish bun kerr.
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tabs in for par on 18 to win his first players championship since 2001. this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. warriors! >> ama: so exciting, i hope they win the next game. >> ama: thank you -- shu were you're not shu. larry, larry. >> you can get the warriors badge at facebook. >> could the great gatsby shake iron man off his throne? we
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>> ama: join my tonight at 9:00 of cable 13. we'll show you a rare cover of a classic from 220 miles above the earth. >> at 11:00 here. a new solution to getting rid of a common problem most women have, all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. >> gatsby may be hot but iron man is still the hero at the box office. >> how many here? >> 13. sir. >> how many can i carry? >> four, sir. >> ama: what does he do? iron man 3 earned $72 million.
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the great gatsby was number two earning $51 million, which far exceeds expectations. pain and gain is still strong at number three. peoples is number four, followed by 42. and that is it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, larry beil, mike shumann who is at oracle. thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 9:00 and 11:00. we'll leave you with a
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>> right now, getting to know leo's great gatsby. >> everyone dreams when they're young. >> chris pine treks into darkness. >> it's a relentless ride. >> kerry washington's little secret. >> you'll be shocked. >> and taking revenge to a deeper degree. >> they've bumped it up 101 notches. >> we're rolling out the red carpet, now. ♪ >> welcome to "on the red carpet." a fantastic new exhibit featuring movie memorabilia from the great gatsby. i'm rachel smith. this showcases the costumes and props used to bring f. scott fitzgerald's classic tale alive. >> can't repeat the


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